• Opening-Ceremony

    Opening Ceremony

    11th Nov 2017

  • Blue-Bat-Cricket

    Blue Bat Cricket

    28th Oct - 3rd Dec 2017

  • Bollywood-Parade

    Bollywood Parade

    3rd Dec 2017

  • Film-Festival

    Film Festival

    12th Nov 2017

  • Regatta

    Mumbai Regatta

    26th Nov 2017

  • Mumbai-Stories

    Mumbai Stories

    25th Nov 2017

  • Art-and-Music

    Art and Music

    11th Nov - 3rd Dec 2017

  • Sufi-Night

    Sufi Night

    18th Nov 2017

  • Food-Festival

    Food Festival

    11th Nov - 3rd Dec 2017

  • Shopping-Festival

    Shopping Festival

    11th Nov - 3rd Dec 2017

  • Fashion


    2nd Dec 2017

  • Theatre-Festival

    Theatre Festival

    19th Nov 2017



“Mumbai is a city of celebrations, but the 'Mumbaikar Festival' is a unique concept that presents ‘Mumbai’ with its very own global festival that is planned at par with international standards. The festival has a 360-degree approach, which touches upon every aspect of the cosmopolitan lifestyle and culture, that this city bestows. I take great pleasure to announce all the support from the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra and wish this initiative a great success”


“We all have been proud of the Mumbai city and we all should be a part of the Mumbaikar Festival. It's indeed a great initiative to showcase Mumbai with an altogether different outlook.
I hope all that has been planned for the event will be a great success"


“Mumbaikar Festival is a great way to celebrate the Spirit of Mumbai.
Mumbai is a very welcoming city and absorbs one and all. This city is modern, yet traditional, sophisticated yet modest. Mumbai is very infective and that’s exactly what Mumbaikar Festival will showcase”


“Mumbaikar Festival is a great way to celebrate the unity in diversity of Mumbai.
Mumbai is a melting pot of different cultures and different ethnicities from across India. This city has a great energy and most importantly is a very safe place for women as compared to other places in India. I feel privileged to be a part of this initiative”


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